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Welcome to our homepage.

I am ilsuk Sung, CEO of SSentork company.
I sincerely appreciate your attention to our homepage.

We are the company to handle Actuators and Valves for Industrial Plant , since 2001, have sustained the highest development based on the strategic partnership with the local top Valve companies and enginnering companies.

We do our best to make a drastic investment on sustainable R&D(Research & Development) in order to hold the best technology and quality competitiveness for customers' satisfaction and seek for expanding our business abroad.
SsenTork will go up to the top company in the world by diversifying business with our cutting-edge technology and quality.

Our best asset for our rapid development since foundation is 'human.' We will strengthen our policy keeping line with the notion that 'human', including employees, is the best asset of our company.

Ssentork will gather all our efforts to create new paradigm in the Plant industry with countless challenge and reliability and take on an active social responsibility to cooperate and develop with people, environment and local community.

We hope your concern and attention to Ssentork for us to strive to challenge and develop further.

Thank you.